Thursday, 9 May 2013


No matter where or when
We were always together
From dusk until dawn
Not minding the situation we're in

No matter the distance
We always kept in touch
Through our toughts
Not minding the gap between us

Though time passes by
And we grow old as well
Those memories and time
Will not fade away with it

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The One

As we walk down the path in life
We meet all kinds of people everywhere.
Most of which are the "come 'n go" type,
While a few will remain with us.

The ones whom stay by our side
Are the ones we share our feelings with.
Our pains and angers in life,
Our happiness and joy in life.

But there can be only a special one
Whom remains with us while we live.
Sharing every moment of our life,
Until Death knocks the door.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Chain of War

Since time immemorable
Blood has been shed
Nescessarily or unnescessarily
In every parts of this world

People kill one another
Creating a battlefield everywhere
All for the sake of "justice" or
The greed in human hearts

This chain only grows thicker
As time passes by
With more blood spilled all over
Leaving sorrow in its path


There's a bird in a cage
Chained by the leg with steel
With its wings clipped off
And its throat tied up

That bird wished to fly
Like any other bird should
And to sing out loudly
Like any other bird would   

As the days passes by
The bird saw many others
Did what it could never do
And shed tears of pain

But one day a bird came
It broke the chains of sorrow
And brought the bird high up
Lending it its voice to sing

The bird which came was called "Courage".


Sweet teachers
Whom lights our hearts with smile
And words which ease our pain
We love you

Dutiful teachers
Whom gives us knowledge
And guide us lost ones
We thank you

Strict teachers
Whom right our wrongs
And drill us hard in exams
We appreciate you

Kind teachers
Whom love us all equaly
And support us in our dream
We love you