Monday, 29 April 2013


There's a bird in a cage
Chained by the leg with steel
With its wings clipped off
And its throat tied up

That bird wished to fly
Like any other bird should
And to sing out loudly
Like any other bird would   

As the days passes by
The bird saw many others
Did what it could never do
And shed tears of pain

But one day a bird came
It broke the chains of sorrow
And brought the bird high up
Lending it its voice to sing

The bird which came was called "Courage".


  1. my favourite poem so far
    continue doing what you do
    i want to write a story based on this poem
    but i no ideas so far
    do give me suggestions please <3

    1. maybe you can write about a boy/girl whose parents are very strict and keeps them locked in the house, having no friends and has never attended to school because they are home-schooled. then one day that boy/girl decided to run away to follow his/her dream.